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Glen Shimshak has been trusted with providing prompt, informed dental services to Downtown Portland for over 30 years.

Dr Shimshak has the reputation among his patients as being caring and friendly and the first one with a fun story or a kind word to put you at ease. His patients come to his Downtown Portland office from the surrounding areas including Vancouver, Tigard and Happy Valley because of his skill and ability

Glen Shimshak specializes in restorations, everything from beautifully color-matched fillings to implant crowns, the doctor is known for creating an impeccable finished look. His years spent both teaching and practicing the art of dentistry in Downtown Portland has given him the advantage of practical experience to be a doctor who you want on your team.

Shimshak Family Dentistry has strong ties and clear working relationships with oral surgeons, endontists, orthodontists and periodontists within the Downtown Portland dental community in order to provide you with a comprehensive care network for all your dental concerns.

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Please contact our office directly by phone 503-223-2442 or email. Whether this is your first visit or your twentieth, we promise to make your appointment quick and pleasant.

The Dangers of Tooth Infection
Did you know that a tooth can become so extremely infected that your tooth ends up full of bacteria, swollen, painful and filled with pus? To be honest, it is not the most incredible feeling in the world, but we stand ready to give you the assistance needed to solve your tooth infection. An abscessed tooth is caused by bacterial infection that has spread to the soft inner core of your tooth (that's the pulp) where the blood vessels, nerves, and tissues are located. The pulp runs from root to crown and when infected can be very painful. We may prescribe antibiotics in an effort to alleviate the infection. If antibiotics fail and your abscess is causing further damage, we will recommend a root canal; a process in which the infected pulp is removed and your tooth is restored to health!

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